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Woven Melodies - Year Long Multicultural Music Guide and Workbook

Woven Melodies - Year Long Multicultural Music Guide and Workbook


Get ready for a year long study of music from around the world! 

Woven Melodies is your guide to the tapestry of multicultural music. This curriculum provides a detailed examination of twelve instrument families, their histories, and the musicians who play them. 


Each hand painted instrument study includes a short biography on an important composer for that instrument.

This purchase includes three PDF files containing: 
A manual covering 36 comprehensive lessons, which includes over 200 emedded links to songs that allow you to see and hear the music in action.


A student workbook with activities that correlate with each section of the manual.


A currated booklist with nearly 100 recommendations.


A glossary of important musical terms presented in the year's study.


Forty hand-painted instrument three-part Montessori flashcards.

  • Reviews

    Thistles and biscuits has done it again!  My family uses this for Fridays and it has been so interesting. It has those lovely hand painted watercolor flash cards, book lists (some of the books on the book list include CDs to listen to as well), Spotify play list, and composer spot light. We have learned about instruments we had no idea existed, and to hear them is quite an experience. Lively discussions have ensued! We have also learned to consider where we get our music to be considerate of the artist, something I had not thought of before . Do not hesitate to add this to your curriculum. 
    ~ Amanda

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