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Flat lay image of Woven Melodies cover and cards included with unit featuring various instruments.
  • What is your background expertise?
    We are a husband and wife duo! Tim's work as a university lecturer and published linguist has supplied necessary experiences in crafting strong educational materials. Betsy's educational background is in Cultural Studies and Art. She has lived abroad and has conducted research in her field. We live in the Middle East now, working, teaching English and occasional art classes and of course attempting to make beautiful, diverse curriculum for your families.
  • Is the curriculum secular, religious?
    We write from a non-sectarian perspective in our country units. We do this to be as honest as we can with any religious information that comes up. As Christians ourselves, we have seen a number of religious curricula that make us very uncomfortable with how the "other" is described. This is one reason we present things in a non-sectarian way whether or not we believe the same things, hoping to reflect the culture's understanding and heart as well as we can. We've also been asked to make units on some specific holidays or celebrations of cultures that we ourselves are not part of, such as Ramadan, Diwali, Juneteenth, etc. We don't write specific units for those, because we do not feel that we could write these from a living perspective. In doing so, we know we would miss the heartbeat of so much and would also distract from own-voice authors who have put so much time, experience, and money into their products. We always recommend getting religious and culturally-sensitive information from firsthand sources. In every country unit, you will find a booklist for that country, often with many own-voice authors. *There are a few Christmas items that have spiritual and scriptural information that reflect and honor our Christian faith and tradition. They will be labeled as such.
  • Do you speak all of these languages?
    No, we can get around in a few, but we have partnered together with multiple in-culture translators. We love giving back and raising the platforms of other small businesses around the world.
  • Do you create custom content?
    Yes, we have been able to make custom materials or custom sizes for people. We look at requests case-by-case and do our very best, but depending on the request, it can take time to complete. That said, Tim loves to help people work on revitalizing endangered langauges. If you need teaching materials for an at-risk language or to help maintain with your home heritage language, please don't hesitate to reach out. We will be thrilled to help.
  • I forgot to download my file and now the link says "Forbidden.""
    Unfortunately, our server automatically expires digital links after 30 days. We are very happy to resend the links, though! Just email us with your order number. Once they are downloaded, they are yours forever!
  • What is the recommended age range on your country units?
    We wrote these as family units because that is how we educate -- all at the table, or all on the floor, or all in the kitchen. They are geared towards K-6th grade. That said, we've had 3 to 18-year-olds enjoy aspects of our country units. Our booklists typically include age ranges from 3-14, with a few of the country units extending to high school ages.
  • Can you tell me more about your partnerships?
    We actively pursue relationships with artists and translators and help promote their businesses globally. We have seen firsthand the harm to creators and artists within their own cultures when multicultural materials are soley created or priced by westerners. We believe in pricing units fairly both to create an easy avenue to multicultural education and to support local creators. Free and underpriced multicultural material often hurts local and national creators around the globe. Some of the profits of units go directly towards local NGO and charities. We research diligently to make sure donations go directly into local staff and work.
  • Do you produce all your own artwork?
    It's a mixed bag. We have designed everything, including content for all products. We have drawn, illustrated, and painted many of the pieces as well, but not everything. We actively look for other artists to pay for some of the illustrations. As artists ourselves, we are thankful to collaborate with and contribute to art communities around the world.
  • I love your artwork/website! Any chance you take comissions?
    First, thank you!!! I love creating! We are slowly taking commissions/projects on a case by case basis. If you are interested, please contact us! Our hand painted items are all copyrighted. Please don't take inspiration without credit, imitation without permission, designs without acknowledgement.
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