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Tim and Betsy looking at camera with Omani desert in the background.


Hi there! 


We are Tim and Betsy, the husband and wife duo behind Thistles and Biscuits. We have lived in the Middle East since 2015 where we have had many rich opportunities to learn about life from people from all over the world. Finding ourselves homeschooling as a result of the global pandemic, we started writing supplementary educational materials for our boys, and it expanded to what you see today. Most of what we sell is still part of our own curriculum at home.

We are obsessed with nature, cultures, music, grace, and good, spicy (and allergy-friendly!) food. You'll see a lot of that reflected in our shop. Our goal is to make beautiful printable items for your family. We love the accessibility of printable materials and how we can reduce waste by delivering products straight to your email. When we started last year, we had no idea how warm the welcome would be to the online printable community. You are the real heroes. We want to provide you with excellent, diverse, and versatile materials, so we work with an international collection of artists, translators, and counsel. We believe in returning fair income back to individuals and cultures for their assistance, and some of our funds go towards supporting NGO charities, too, so your purchases are able to support a whole network of people, especially female entrepreneurs, around the world!

Thanks for being here! Let's explore together!

Tim and Betsy's children sand sledding down dune. Sky is a dusty blue behind them.
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