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We've put together some of our favorite books and resources for you! We hope to make it easier for you to locate and access beautiful books for your family. Below, you will find links for Bookshop and Amazon. Bookshop is an amazing online Indie Bookstore that intentionally gives back to local bookstores. We love being able to give this as an option to support smaller and local businesses like our own. We do make a small commission off of purchases when you use our links. Whether you are looking for ways to expand your multicultural homeschool curriculum or to bring more diversity to your classroom library, we hope these lists help.


Country Unit Booklists

Having access to books that do not stereotype entire regions is a valuable part of the intentional work of multicultural education. We've curated lists that are specific to our available units. We keep these updated regularly, so check back when we have new units up! 


Multicultural Christmas Booklist

Get in the holiday spirit with this multicultural list of Christmas books! Learn about how children around the world celebrate this time of year. This list includes a variety of religious and non-sectarian books from different countries and perspectives. 


Multicultural Music Booklist

Enjoy a number of books featuring diverse music and musicians from around the world! These lists were curated based on our Woven Melodies, year-long study. 

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Art Resources

Begin your own art adventure! Betsy has compiled some of her recommended art items in an Amazon list for you or your tiny artist to utilize. Some items in this list can be used for various crafts found in our units. 

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