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The Wonders of Watercolor

The Wonders of Watercolor


Welcome to 'The Wonders of Watercolor' beginner curriculum!


This study is ideally suited for students 10+ all the way up to adults who enjoy the magic and whimsy of watercolors. 


In 'The Wonders of Watercolor,' you and your students will be invited to create beautiful works of watercolor. Opening with an artist's insight on how to navigate supplies and then gently leading you through multiple watercolor methods, Betsy helps even absolute beginners build confidence in their work, develop an eye for color choices, and learn the techniques that make watercolor unique. 

You'll discover the magic of watercolor values, strokes, and textures and how they translate into real compositions and projects. You and your students will also have the chance to explore different techniques, such as color blooms, layering, and glazing through a variety of projects. Each method is taught through step-by-step instructions in the style of an artist's journal. 


With over 20 guided projects across 120 pages, you will have multiple finished products at the end of the study, and you will have sufficient practice to be able to start branching out on your own!


Please check out the FAQ section below before finalizing your purchase. Note that this is a digital product, and no physical copy will be sent to you. Upon purchase, you will be emailed a link to download the file. If you would like to have this printed and sent to your home, please submit your receipt to our printing partner, HardCopyHQ, for a discounted printing rate. 

  • FAQ

    What is the age range? 

    This curriculum is written for ages 10 and up; even adults will find it encouraging and inspiring to complete, too, and you may have a new family hobby to share.  

    10-14 year olds would likely benefit from some adult guidance; 15+ can complete the curriculum on their own. Though younger students are welcome to gather around the painting table and enjoy their own exploration into watercolors, know that the curriculum is designed for older students.

    Do I need to have established artistic skills to complete or teach this curriculum?

    No, this is designed for beginners. However, this study does expect at least some basic drawing abilities, as you will need to sketch the designs onto your own watercolor paper. The drawings are kept to fairly simplistic linework with the aim to help students to start creating their own compositions by the end of the study.

    How long will this study last? 

    You'll move at your own pace, so there will be some variation on how long each student takes to complete it. There are over twenty individual projects, some with multiple prints or categories. Depending on how often and how quickly you or your students work through them, the curriculum could easily last you from one semester to even a full academic year. 

    Is there a list of supplies suggested?

    Absolutely! Betsy gives a detailed look at the materials needed across different budgets and provides her best suggestions for different levels of artists. 

    Can I print the sketch templates onto watercolor paper on my printer?

    No, the blank sketches for the projects are not provided because many watercolor papers that can fit through a normal home printer are unfortunately not suitable for the weight and quality of paper you will want to be using. Your drawings will be beautiful and unique to you and your student even if they don't look exactly like the ones in the book.

    Will there be continuing curriculum after this? 

    Yes! I'm thrilled to tell you that at least two more volumes are expected to be released in 2024. 'Watercoloring our World' will look at our natural world: botanicals, forestry, and tiny critters. 'Watercoloring our Lives' will focus on people and everyday items like clothing, food and drinks, hobbies, etc. 

  • Do you have an inside look?

    See the complete review here! 

    Absolutely! Arlene from Arlene and Company has graciously reviewed this product and offers a walk-through on her Youtube Channel.

  • Reviews

    Tim and Betsy's curriculum is a great introduction to the magic of watercolor. These pages walk you through some great basics while offering some new challenges as you build skills. I genuinely had a great time working through The Wonders of Watercolor and am excited to keep building my skills as I practice (and am looking forward to the next units!)



    Beautifully illustrated, Betsy explains different materials and takes you through value scale, textures and strokes, wet on wet, wet on dry and lots of other fun projects. 


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