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Take a trip to Thailand!

Hop on a boat and wind down the canals to the waterway market. Marvel at the architecture of Wat Arun Temple and of the clever building strategies of Thai stilt homes. Bring Thailand into your own kitchen as you cook up some Massaman curry! Do you know how long coconuts can survive at sea? Or why Thailand's flag was designed so that it could never be flipped upside-down? Find out the thirteen names of the different Thai smiles. While you visit, learn the anatomy of the Siamese fighting fish and the tropical orchid. Get the full experience by hearing the music of Thailand in a curated playlist, and dig deeper as you read through the Thailand booklist! So many flavors, sounds, and adventures ahead. 

This unit pairs well with the Asian elephant freebie in the shop, so don't forget to pick up a copy before checking out!

Thailand Study Unit

  • You will receive a digital file in the thank you page upon check out that lasts for 30 days. 

    These are best when printed out on good card stock at home, your local print shop, or a fantastic online printer such as Vista Print, Shutterfly, etc. The print quality will only be as good as the printer and ink you are using. Due to monitor, ink, and printing variations, I cannot assure exact colors, but I've done my best to display accurate colors in the images. 

    You are welcome to print these for your home or for one classroom setting. The purchase and files may not be used to resell or reproduce for personal financial gain by physical or electronic distribution. 

    There are no refunds on this item as it is a digital download.

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