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Enjoy your summer with this 70+ page celebration of our favorite summer flower! Do you know what Russian scientists had to do with the size of today’s sunflowers? Or how great artists treated sunflowers (and each other) in their work? And who on earth is Clytie and why was she staring at the sun?

 Find out these answers and more as you learn about the sunflower’s life cycle, its far-reaching global travels, and its many interactions with human history. Bring sunflowers into your kitchen in brand new ways with seven allergy-friendly recipes. Explore fractions with Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Preschoolers can learn through play in the Little Biscuits section, designed specifically for early learners. This unit is sure to bring beautiful and engaging learning experiences to your home all summer long!

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    This unit is a plethora of fun things. We enjoyed the science and math items. The fraction set we will use for a long time. Just a perfect way to explore a single flower. The quality and breadth of the work that they put into items is amazing! Will definitely be coming back for more items.



    Oh my word, thank you for this resource! There is so much material for this price, and I'm loving the scope of it. The beautiful artwork and the different activities have made learning a real joy every day. It never feels like work for any of my kids when we pull out your units -- we all have fun! Thank you again, we love your materials!



    Beautiful!!! I love this packet!


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