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Squid Mini Unit

Squid Mini Unit


Fully Hand-Painted Squid Study! 


Get to know the world's heaviest invertebrate, but be ready to marvel at the truly remarkable features of this colossus! The colossal squid is a real-life giant that lives deep in the seas, but how much do we really know about them? How big is a colossal squid? And what is bigger -- a giant squid or a colossal squid? 



This fifteen-page unit is divided into three lessons, covering squids in general and colossal squids specifically. Each lesson includes a reading and an activity designed to help your child gain some new perspectives on these big cephalopods. We've also included a coloring sheet and two booklists: one on squids and one on general marine life. 


*This is a digital product, no physical items will be sent.

  • Reviews

    Beautiful art and just enough information on the topic. Great! we had so much fun with this mini unit study!


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