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Sea Turtle Unit

Sea Turtle Unit


Across the Oceans -- Sea Turtles


Learn about the gentle giant sea turtles that navigate the Earth's oceans in this marine mini-unit! Get an overview of sea turtle anatomy and the specializations of their body parts, and help your children imagine what they could do if they had some of its special features. Get a detailed overview of the sea turtle life cycle, and find out how it is that turtle mothers can pinpoint the exact beaches where they were born.

A set of hand-painted flashcards will help you learn the names and individual characteristics of all seven of the world's sea turtles. Find out about the threats that turtles are facing today and read about how turtle rangers in Oman are helping them, then learn what you can do to help sea turtles, too!


Your digital download will be a 25-page PDF with printing instructions. A short guide is included to help you pace this five-lesson unit over a week or a month, and we've included a booklist to help you extend your child's learning experience.

  • Reviews

    Perfect addition to our Turtles of Oman study!



    As always, thistles and biscuits doesn’t disappoint!! This is a simply gorgeous unit. It’s both educational and heartwarming- the perfect combination!!



    We are loving this unit!



    This was such an awesome find - thank you! I can’t wait to do this with my students in the upcoming weeks! I LOVE Sea Turtles! :)


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