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Scotland Study Unit

Scotland Study Unit


Travel to the Lowlands, Highlands, and Islands of Scotland!


Find your way to the big cities and famous geographical landmarks across Scotland. Learn the Gaelic alphabet and cook up some Cullen skink. Have you ever heard of a cèilidh or known what makes up haggis? Get your bearings in Scottish culture through a study of the country's famous artists, and read through a selected booklist. Get your bagpipes tuned up and come find out why the thorny thistle is so adored!


This large unit includes the following: user guide, book list for the Scotland, twelve large flashcards, coloring pages, flag recognition , Scotland map work, cultural Information, proverb copy work, art prints, multiple recipes, national emblem information, artist guide and study, poet guide, entire Gaelic tree alphabet flashcards

  • Reviews

    This unit study was so much fun, jam packed and absolutely stunning. I’m going back to buy more for my coop class!

    - Sierra P. 


    Perfect for geography and culture studies!

    - Lana E.


    Scotland is incredible! And this study has taught us so much about the beautiful country!



    This is such a great little unit study! The graphics are great as well as the information provided.



    This shop always has high-quality lessons!

    - Olivia K.


    This is a nice, study of Scotland. My son really enjoyed it. We haven't made the soup yet, but he is excited to try.

    - Suzanne D. 


    Helping my children learn about their heritage

    -H Carr

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