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Russia Study Unit

Russia Study Unit


Off to Russia where the east meets west and the chamomile tea will be sure to keep you warm. 

What surprises are waiting for you in the largest country on Earth, where cats roam the Hermitage Museum and the famous St. Basil's Cathedral barely escaped destruction. Why do families throw a spoonful of porrige on the ceiling at Christmas Eve? And what is the deeper meaning behind those Russian stacking dolls? You have so much to discover as you make some warm tea and bicuits and learn about the meaning behind the colors of Russia's flag. Try counting to ten in Russian. Read about the life of Fyodor Dostoevsky and find out a new way to see circles with Wassily Kadinsky. 


This large unit includes the following: 

User Guide, Book list for the Russia, eight Large Flashcards, coloring pages, flag recognition , Russia map work, landmark information, proverb copy work, proverb Art Print, multiple recipes, national emblem information, artist guide, author guide, Russian Numbers 1-10 flashcards.

  • Digital Download Help

    You will receive a digital file in the thank you page upon check out that lasts for 30 days. 

    These are best when printed out on good card stock at home, your local print shop, or a fantastic online printer such as Vista Print, Shutterfly, etc. The print quality will only be as good as the printer and ink you are using. Due to monitor, ink, and printing variations, I cannot assure exact colors, but I've done my best to display accurate colors in the images. 

    You are welcome to print these for your home or for one classroom setting. The purchase and files may not be used to resell or reproduce for personal financial gain by physical or electronic distribution. 

    There are no refunds on this item as it is a digital download.

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