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Printable Passport

Printable Passport


Off to an adventure! 

This darling printable passport is perfect for your budding adventurers. Whether you are actually traveling or discovering cultures through books, this passport is a perfect way to keep track of those memories. The passport includes a place for your little traveler's name, and picture and 14 country spaces, but room and options to grow more. Because this is in book form, it's important that you read the printing directions included before printing and compiling. Enjoy the travel! 

We've included four size and print options in this download 8.5x11 and A4 sizes plus page borders and borderless options. Pick the one you need!

  • Reviews

    This is a great resource!

    - Cosmia G. 


    Simply amazing!



    Everything we needed for our country study this year. Favourite part was how easily customizable was based on kids ability and age.



    Love, love, love this passport. Simple & beautiful :)



    Adorable - Great idea and executed well. Lovely artwork!




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