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Pie Circle Fraction Set

Pie Circle Fraction Set


Mmmm.....pie. Who doesn't want pie when working on fractions?! This set is a great one for dealing with fractions in circle shapes. Includes whole, half, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, and tenth sections in both blank and labeled pieces, plus a sweet pie plate to place it on! User guide, fraction, labels, and comparison symbols also included - 21 pages total! Enjoy learning with those little ones! 

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    I have been doing Homeschool for the last 4 years. With so many new sources of homeschool based programs it can be overwhelming to choose which to use for your children. I have purchased so many items from the Thistles and biscuits shop because they are beautiful, affordable, and my children love them. The artwork is just gorgeous and I love the ease of printing them on when ever the need arises.


    This is perfect for what I will be teaching next year thanks!



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