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Paul Klee Art Study

Paul Klee Art Study


Come study art through the work of Paul Klee!

Paul Klee (pronounced “Clay”) was a master of color in the world of abstract art. His writings on color theory helped to shape the direction of modern art. But his journey to mastery certainly was no easy task for him. Learn about the discouragement he faced in learning how to use color, and trace his progress as he learned how to incorporate colors into his painting style. We will learn a powerful lesson about how we do not need to be afraid to lean into our weaknesses.

Along the way, you will be able to work on four different projects that will allow you to imitate his work and learn some new techniques. After guided activities, you will be invited to create compositions of your own based on Klee’s styles. 


Including a brief unit guide and links to additional resources to help enrich your study, this unit will provide a fascinating and engaging introduction to the life of one the greatest modern masters.

This is a digital product sent directly to your email address at checkout - no physical items will be sent. 

  • Reviews

    We have just started this unit and loved how well it’s laid out! We incorporate art lessons at least once a week. There’s so much included that we easily stretch this out to eight weeks - the teaching paired with the art projects are perfect! I also loved the simplicity of the art supply list and the suggestions for materials. 

    - Ruth

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