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Oman Country Unit

Oman Country Unit


Get ready to walk along the edge of the Arabian Gulf as you explore The Sultanate of Oman! Often overlooked by much of the world, this peaceful, beautiful, rocky country is filled with surprises. 


Find out about Oman's rapid development over the past half century as you learn about one of the modern world's most incredible monarchs. Learn about the Arabian oryx and how Oman is helping to bring it back from the brink of extinction! Bring the tastes and smells of this Middle Eastern country into your own home through three allergy-friendly Omani recipes. Learn an Omani proverb about hospitality and read about how Omani people value being good hosts.


Get to know the different major cities across the country and find out about Omani agriculture and entertainment! Read all about the ancient treasures of frankincense and dhow boats. Dig in with our booklist, and hear the music of Oman through the Thistles and Biscuits playlist! Learn about camel anatomy and complete a crossword puzzle.


With 30 pages of information, recipes, and activities, this unit is packed with a fascinating overview of this wonderful country! Oman is a really special place to us at Thistles and Biscuits, and we hope that you are able to include it in your studies!

This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent. You will receive a PDF file that you can print and use. All artwork and illustrations are original, handcrafted and copywritten by Thistles and Biscuits. 

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