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Let's learn about Nigeria! This big cultural center in West Africa has so much to show us!

Read about the rich traditions of art and craft that were established centuries ago and continue today! Dig in and find out about cloth dyeing art that has made Nigeria famous; learn from one of Nigeria's most prosperous artists how we can use our skills to take care of the people around us. See the monolithic Zuma Rock! Learn why the highest peak is nicknamed "the mountain of death"!
Did you know that Nigeria is the most highly populated country in all of Africa? Or that Nigeria's biggest city is Africa's Big Apple? Read about some of Nigeria's celebrated authors, and discover why the film industry here is more productive than Hollywood! Learn the fascinating process of how yams are pounded into a delicious meal, and take the opportunity to learn how to cook some allergy-friendly Nigerian foods. Color pictures of the national flag, animal, and flower, as you learn!

Explore the culture and country through music and video links, and be sure to expand your learning experience through own-voice books from Nigeria through our curated booklist. 

*This is a digital printable product. No physical items will be mailed to you. Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF file of this unit directly in your email inbox.  

Nigeria Country Unit

  • A very special thank you to our two incredible consultants: Tomi Olatunde from @thecuddleblog is a leader in the homeschooling community in Lagos, Nigeria. She also runs @homeschoolingconversations which organizes an annual homeschooling conference to raise awareness about homeschooling in Africa. 

    Our second consultant, Adesola owns a community centre in Abuja focused on play-based learning for pre-schoolers and homeschoolers. She relocated from the UK to Nigeria and started family meet-ups when she couldn’t find any to attend. The community now has 300+ families. All are welcome to join! 

    We were so honored to partner with two wonderful community leaders. 

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