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Luna Moth Nature Study Unit

Luna Moth Nature Study Unit


Luna moths are one of the most enthralling sights of the night sky! Here's your chance to learn all about them. Where do they live, what do they eat, how do they grow? Find out all of this and more as you work through this short unit. Be ready for some surprises, though -- this is one fascinating animal! 

Study through the stages of the luna moth life cycle and find out how to make your back yard hospitible to luna moths; read through a luna moth poem and practice writing your own; study a Van Gogh painting of a moth and design your own masterpiece; study luna moth adult and larval anatomies and complete a set of word puzzles and coloring sheets! 

Want to dig deeper? Read through the recommendations on our included book list! 

There's so much to do as you learn about this elusive wonder of the night!

This is a digital product. It will be sent to as a PDF to your email address for instant download upon purchase. 

This product is best used for 4 - 9 year old age range. 

  • Reviews

    This was a fantastic learning program! Thank you!

    ~ Jennifer


    Can’t wait to use for our Luna moth study in homeschool.


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