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Living Harmonies - Year Long Multicultural Music Curriculum

Living Harmonies - Year Long Multicultural Music Curriculum


This year-long music appreciation curriculum is your doorway to beautiful international sounds and cultures!


Living Harmonies is a tour of musical genres from around the world. In order to foster a broad appreciation for music, this curriculum explores ten musical genres. Along the way we’ll learn about the instruments that make this music, and we’ll be introduced to major musicians who’ve defined each style. 


Each lesson includes multiple video links for you to see and hear the music as you study it to help you and your learners develop a strong sense of how each genre is unique. 


Through coordinating workbook lessons, your students will have the chance to analyze the music and identify key distinguishing characteristics, developing their ability to recognize the styles and instruments by ear. You’ll be introduced to unique musical styles from a diverse set of countries including Japan, Indonesia, Tanzania, Armenia, Spain, Sweden, Colombia, and the United States. 


Slightly more technical than Woven Melodies, Living Harmonies is geared for ages 9-14 and aims to give students the knowledge and tools they need to approach new musical styles on their own. This one-of-a-kind music appreciation study will teach your whole family to hear and discuss music in a brand new way!


This purchase includes three PDF files containing:

*A manual with 34 individual lessons, complete with clickable video links and our own illustrations of the musical instruments you’ll encounter.


*A student workbook with activities that correlate with each lesson in the manual. 


*Thirty-nine hand-painted instrument three-part Montessori flashcards.


*A booklist with nearly 50 recommendations so that you can dig deeper as you study.


What age range is this best suited for?


4th-8th grade depending on ability and motivation. That said, we’ve had numerous lower level elementary age enjoy the curriculum, and high schoolers can learn a lot through reading the material. We’ve included Montessori flashcards as a way to keep younger ones (4-7) interested as you teach older ones, but the curriculum is geared towards that middle age group.

Is this a sequel to Woven Melodies?

This is our second full-year music curriculum, but this is not a sequel. You do not have to complete Woven Melodies first to begin this one. From an educational perspective, Living Harmonies is more technical and advanced than Woven Melodies.

How is this different from Woven Melodies?

Woven Melodies works systematically through instrument families. Living Harmonies is an overview of ten musical genres, their histories, and important artists. Students will likely learn genres that they haven’t listened to or heard of but will also encounter some that are already familiar to them.

  • Reviews

    Oh wow, this is great! We started this program today on the first day of school and it’s wonderful. Beautifully illustrated and the links are so helpful. We love it.

    ~Haylee E. 


    Beautiful unit! We are excited to incorporate this into our worldly studies.

    ~ Shannon L. 

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