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Liquid Measurements Manipulatives

Liquid Measurements Manipulatives


American/Imperial Capacity Manipulatives

This is such a fun set of printables for the American/Imperial Capacity System! 11 pages total - comes with blank and labeled jars for hands-on learning. Also included is an Imperial capacity print, comparison symbols, and usage guide. Enjoy learning with those little ones!

  • Reviews

    Perfect visuals for homeschooling kids.

    ~ Myshellf

    Printed the PDFs on cardstock, cut them out and laminated them for long-lasting use. The colors were as expected and, as a math tutor, I am so excited to use these with my students!

    ~ Carol


    Perfect for reinforcing the idea.



    Highly recommend! Beautifully done!



    I laminated these and used them in class as a manipulative with a story- they were a super cute visual!


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