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Let’s explore gorgeous Italy! 

In a country where the architecture, art, and landscape complement each other so beautifully, you will be amazed everywhere you look! Get to know some of Italy’s famous Renaissance artists and see a few of their most iconic works. Do you know about cats’ rights in Rome? Would you like to know more about what it’s like to live in the Mediterranean climate? Read about the symbolism of Italy’s national flower and read about the history of the nation’s flag. Get a glimpse of Italian culture and learn your first few phrases of Italian! 


When you’re ready to do some activities of your own, learn about the mask-making tradition for the Carneval of Venice and cut out a set of masks for yourself! Color and mail your own postcards using our hand-drawn illustrations of some of Italy’s famous landmarks! Cook up some of the tastes of Italy with easy-to-follow allergy-friendly recipes, and learn an Italian proverb.


Extend your learning experience through our Italy booklist and an online playlist so you can both read Italian voices and hear Italian music in your studies! Be sure to follow the clickable links to see some sights of Italy and learn more about the history of this wonderful country.

This is a digital printable product. Upon purchase, you will receive this unit as a PDF in your email.

Italy Country Unit

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