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Ireland Country Unit

Ireland Country Unit


Welcome to the beautiful Emerald Isle! 


It's home to two countries: The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. But why are there two Irelands? Let's get an overview of the island's history to find out! Along the way, we'll learn about the colors green and orange and what they signify. 


There is so much to discover here! Have you ever heard of Puck Fair? Do you know how many tens of thousands of ancient ruins are found in Ireland? And how on earth do people play hurling? 


Read, hear, and watch to learn about world-famous Irish music and dance. Get an overview of some influential Irish authors and read some of their poetry! Research to find out more about St. Patrick and his significance to Ireland. 


Try your hand at a reconstructed ancient Celtic strategy board game to see if you can defend your king! We've included the rules with a printable board and pieces. It's become a regular favorite in our home!


As with all of our units, explore the country's voices on your own through the curated booklist, listen to the amazing music of Ireland through a Spotify playlist, and bring the tastes of Ireland into your own home with allergy-friendly recipes! We've also included an optional two-week curriculum guide to help you organize this 47 page unit.

This is a digital product. It will be delivered directly to your email as a PDF file upon purchase. 

  • Reviews

    We used this unit for a homeschool coop exploration of different countries. It was a great visual for our lesson.- Monica


    This study is fantastic and has taught us so much about the wonderful country of Ireland! - Sil 


    We own almost every country unit. This one is a favorite. - Amanda


    Very educational product we are enjoying it.



    Great quality as usual. I am already planning my next order!



    Very beautifully done!



    We had fun learning with this country study. I will likely get another country unit to do with my kids. Thank you


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