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Into Autumn

Into Autumn


🌾This 200+ page autumn invitation is perfect your younger learner. Into Autumn includes a gentle learning cycle of the alphabet, foundational math, geography recognition, color thematics, and poetry — all Autumn related.


🍁 Learn the alphabet through Autumn-themed letters; each letter has five worksheets to match the coordinating flashcards.


🍂Math can also be enjoyable and fun and fall-themed! There's so much here for hands-on learners:

Acorn ten frame

Apple crate place value

Pumpkin pie fractions

Clip Number Cards

1-10 worksheets


🌾Nature-themed three-part continent cards -- a perfect introduction to geography and the world for your little ones.


🍁Fun color mixing activity for fall colors.


🍂Autumn public domain poetry, this will go perfectly with the allergy friendly hot chocolate recipe.


Twiggy Autumn banner is also included!

This is a Digital Item: A PDF file will be sent to you on transaction. Please download within 30 days. 

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