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Illuminated Manuscripts: a historical art study

Illuminated Manuscripts: a historical art study


Get ready to learn about one of the Medieval world's most fascinating art forms!

We've taken a deep dive into our studies of the Middle Ages as we've explored illuminated manuscripts in our own home, and we're thrilled to share with you some of the activities we've been doing! Learn about the history and the significance of illuminated manuscripts, and find out how parchment pages were prepared. Read about the widespread geographic use of illumination and see how different people from different places used this artistic style. Find out how manuscripts were literally illuminated by the precious metals that adorned the parchment pages!


But don't stop with a simple history lesson! Get ready to learn a new art form yourself as you practice illuminating letters and creating pages of your own! We've included a printable Gothic-style alphabet for you to use for practice and projects, and we'll walk you step-by-step through the process of illuminating with gold leaf. We also provide instructions how to illuminate with alternative methods, for those learners who would rather shy away from gold leaf! You'll be able to design your own manuscript pages and illuminate texts or sayings that are important to you. 

This has been an inspirational and really fun study for us to do at home, and we hope that you can tap into a perhaps unexplored talent of your own!

Over 40 pages with an entire hand drawn alphabet to make your own illuminated letters! 


This is a PDF downloand only. No physcial product will be sent. All drawings are personally done and copyrighted. Photos of the the Illuminated Manuscripts are in public domain. 

  • Reviews

    Beautifully done! My girls loved getting to paint the illuminated letters of their names and learning about the history behind this lovely art form.

    - Rachel

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