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Haiti Country Unit

Haiti Country Unit


Let's take a trip to Haiti! Learn about the first Caribbean nation's past and what made its early government unique in world history. Hey, what are those colorful buses driving around? And what is that beautiful bird cooing in the trees? Bring a little bit of Haiti into your kitchen as you fry plantains and learn to make one of Haiti's most cultureally important soups!


Climb up Bonnet à l'Evêque and see the largest fort in the Americas. Hear Haiti's music through a curated playlist, and read through our Haiti booklist! Tackle some botany as you learn about Haiti's national flower, and be careful not to lose a game of dominoes or you might feel a pinch. Get your language skills ready -- you may just learn a little Haitian Creole along the way! 

  • Reviews

    I can’t wait to use more of these country units for our homeschool next year!

    ~ Lana E. 

    Wonderful unit study! Being new to unit studies I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was drawn to the beautiful colors and the list of items included in the download. I especially enjoyed the book list as my son reads a ton of books, and I love that recipes are included. Even though my son is in high school he enjoyed the flash cards and the language game. I highly recommend this sellers unit studies as they are well thought out, brilliantly colored and well rounded. I hope they create more as we intend to purchase all of the unit studies.



    Beautiful images looks exciting, can't wait to learn with my son.



    We have purchased unit studies from thislesandbiscuits before and were excited to see the new design and content. After looking through the material, we found something we felt was worth mentioning and thistlesandbiscuits reacted kindly and very quickly to resolve the issue, as well as send us an updated version of the material for no cost. Now THIS is customer service! We will keep coming back for more, as we love the illustrations just as much as the well-rounded information these unit studies provide.


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