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Greece Country Unit

Greece Country Unit


Come sail the Aegean Sea to Greece!


Did you know that this country's name is not Greece? Find out what name the people call this beautiful seaside nation. Learn about the remarkable geography that makes this country a contender for both the most shoreline and most mountains in Europe! Dive beneath the waves and find out about the animals that live around this archipelago, and learn the anatomy of Greece's national animal. Bring some Mediterranean food home as you learn how to cook a few Greek recipes! Read about the statuesque olive tree and its role in Greek culture over the centuries. 

Want to get to know a little about Ancient Greece? Play "Seek the Scholar," a card game included in this unit that can help you become familiar with some ideas and quotes of the great minds of the ancient world!


Included, as always, you will also find our country booklist and a link to a Spotify playlist to help you to read the voices and hear the music of Greece as you learn!  


This unit is a digital download and will be delivered to your email as a PDF file upon purchase. Please pay attention to the printing instructions to make sure you are able to get the card game printed correctly.

All illustrations and paintings were hand-drawn and painted by Tim and Betsy - please know that they are copyrighted to Thistles and Biscuits. 

This is a digital product, no physical item will be sent. 

  • Reviews

    Beautiful units to learn about different cultures!

    -Lana E. 


    Beautiful in every way! Just what we needed!

    - Carrie S. 


    Love it! This was so helpful


    Wow, the colours it feels like I am already in Greece (I even checked the holiday to Greece after this ).
    - Vaiva


    One of my personal favorites. Beautiful and engaging.
    - Amanda

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