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From Sound to Song

From Sound to Song


This year-long music curriculum delves into the elements of music, helping students to develop an understanding of the building blocks of musical composition. Starting with individual sounds and building up to musical genres, this study guides the learner through the different concepts that musicians have to consider when creating their craft.


Written primarily for 8-14 year-olds, From Sound to Song is designed to follow Woven Melodies and prepare students for Living Harmonies, but it can also be used as a course of study independent from our other music curricula.

From Sound to Song is divided into four “movements,” each of which covers different musical elements:
Sound: pitch, tone, and scales 
Order: rhythm, melody, and harmony

Emotion: timbre, dynamics, and tonal quality 
Form: texture and genre 

These musical terms are provided with embedded video links so that the student can see and hear examples and even gain several hands-on experiences with online musical tools. This curriculum is written so that no prior technical knowledge of music is required on the part of the instructor or the student and so that non-musicians are able to teach this material confidently.



This purchase includes two PDF files: The digital textbook (which in PDF form gives access to all of the accompanying videos) and the student workbook, with questions and activities that correlate with each lesson from the textbook. 

This is a digital product. Upon purchase, you will receive an email that will provide you access to the files. No physical product will be sent to you.

  • Reviews

    This is my second music unit from this company. The first one was such a success with my learners, that I knew exactly where to go for a sequel. We have not been disappointed.

    - Casey

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