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France Country Unit

France Country Unit


Welcome to France! 

You'll find a whole pack of lovely French materials. Explore Paris, eat some delicious recipes, comb through the curated booklist, work on European and French geography. You'll get to practice your Gallic rooster anatomy and French proverb copywork. Bon voyage! 

  • Reviews

    My kids loved it and so did I! A lot of my students have spent a portion of their lives in France, so they were excited to get to see something familiar and add to the knowledge base. :) Such a thorough job. We traveled to a lot of the monuments/famous sites on Google Earth, which the kids loved!

    ~ Mary L. 


    Such a beautiful unit. My 4th grade daughter chose this as her first SS unit for this school year and we are already in love. We will definitely be using more of these units.

    ~ Brandi


    Just a really fun unit! Enjoyed the different recipes a lot!


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