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Visit vibrant Ethiopia in this colorful printable unit! 

Learn about the beautiful ways Ethiopians connect with and depend on each other. Read about Ethiopia's unique history that makes it Africa's land of the free. Explore some interesting questions: How is it that an Ethiopian region has the hottest average temperature? Why is this country called the Roof of Africa if it doesn't even have Africa's highest mountain? And do Ethiopians really start their day at 1 in the morning?! Dig in to learn the history of coffee and the important role it plays in Ethiopian culture! Interact with Amharic and practice writing some new letters on your own Ethiopian banner!

Fill your kitchen with the tastes and smells of Ethiopia with three allergy-friendly recipies. Fill your home with the sounds of Ethiopia with the Thistles and Biscuits playlist. Find out more about the country through the included booklist.

We can't wait for you to discover this remarkable country!

***a portion of the proceeds from this unit will go to AHOPE for Children, a local and reputable NGO, which houses and cares for HIV positive children in Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia Study Unit

  • You will receive a digital file in the thank you page upon check out that lasts for 30 days. 

    These are best when printed out on good card stock at home, your local print shop, or a fantastic online printer such as Vista Print, Shutterfly, etc. The print quality will only be as good as the printer and ink you are using. Due to monitor, ink, and printing variations, I cannot assure exact colors, but I've done my best to display accurate colors in the images. 

    You are welcome to print these for your home or for one classroom setting. The purchase and files may not be used to resell or reproduce for personal financial gain by physical or electronic distribution. 

    There are no refunds on this item as it is a digital download.

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