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Welcome to England!

It’s a land of knights and tales and delicious fusion cuisines from around the globe. You’ll discover some of England’s most influential authors from Shakespeare to Olaudah Equiano and do a little sonnet writing of your own.

Enjoy sipping some tea and make some delicious (dairy free) tikka masala!Learn about England’s ancient and modern history from the stone age to the colonization period. Play a little colloquial language game with your friends and family - just make sure you don’t end up being the curtain twitcher. You’ll also learn about England’s famous anonymous artist and make some of your own graffiti - legally of course.

There’s also over 50 book recommendations for toddlers to teenagers and an entire playlist for your family to enjoy some of England’s finest musicians!

All paintings and illustrations have been done by hand. Please do not resell or give any portion of this unit.

*this is a digital product, no physical copy will be sent.

England Country Unit

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