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Endurance Unit

Endurance Unit


Work your way through the Antarctic ice with the crew of the Endurance! 


Follow the stages of the remarkable journey of the Endurance and the heroic failed quest to make the first crossing of Antarctica. Find out how the ship became stuck in the ice and sunk and how the crew endured the bleak Antarctic ice floes until they could work their way back home. Read about the now-legendary journey of the James Caird, the lifeboat that Shackleton and some of the crew used to find help, and find out about the long wait on Elephant Island for a way home. 


Read about the life of Ernest Shackleton, one of the most experienced Antarctic explorers, and track how his leadership managed to keep all the men in his crew alive in their trial at sea. With short profile cards about each crew member, you will learn about each of the determined men who overcame the desolate situation and survived the impossible.


Each day of this five-lesson study includes readings, video links, and activities. You’ll be conducting small science experiments, coloring and writing copy work, navigating map work, and even making hot cocoa!


Follow up your study with the videos of the recent rediscovery of the Endurance and see how well the shipwreck has been preserved under the cold waters of the Weddell Sea!

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    Excellent!!! We like them!!! Thanks



    Read the story to my Year 2 children today and they loved it! They cheered at the end. Beautiful art work, great resources.


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