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Comic Arts: Volume Two

Comic Arts: Volume Two


In his second collection of comic arts instruction, Tim provides students with an artist’s toolbox, building a wide base of artistic skills and techniques that can be useful in making comics. Continuing with the teaching style of the first book, Tim’s comic alter ego instructs the students throughout the lessons, creating a very engaging and encouraging way to continue developing comic arts skills.

After a quick review of skills gained from volume one, Tim launches into all-new lessons. First, you’ll explore how to use artist’s perspective to place objects correctly in your panels. Next, you’ll move into creating engaging backgrounds. The third lesson will push you to ignite your imagination in your art and writing, and in the final lesson, you’ll explore new inking and coloring techniques that can make your artwork really stand out. At the end of the study, you’ll find brand-new blank panel designs, which can be printed multiple times and even turned into a student’s own comic book. 


This 100+ page book is packed with activities that help break down complex techniques into simple processes that even beginning artists can manage. As with volume one, the lessons are designed to be self-directed by the learner. After each lesson concludes, there are five daily practices to complete throughout the week to solidify the concepts. 


Note that this book builds on the skills and techniques covered in volume one and should be started only after completing the first book.


We’re so excited for you to continue your journey into writing comics!


This is a digital product. Upon purchase, a download link will be sent to your email where you’ll be able to collect and print the file.

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    As someone who is passionate about art and who drew countless comics in my youth, I highly recommend this unit so that you and your children can share the joy that I have in creative expression through comics. Grab a pencil and have at it!


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