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Comic Arts Unit

Comic Arts Unit


Create your own comics as you dive into this unique art study! 


In this engaging self-study unit, Tim has adapted his teaching materials from his comics course into an engaging, interactive comic book that invites you to jump right onto the page as you learn how to get started in making comics. Adults and children alike can benefit from these lessons that will help the aspiring artist to develop skills such as building 3D objects from basic shapes; completing the full process of penciling, inking, and coloring a comic; capturing emotion through facial expressions and body language; and framing panels to capture the information that will help readers follow your story. Along the way, you’ll learn about shading, storyboarding, and even get some pointers on how to draw those notoriously difficult hands!

This unit is designed so that even complete beginners can pick it up and begin to writing their own comics in no time, and Tim’s constant enthusiasm and encouragement will help even the most self-conscious artists feel that their practice is valuable.


The 90+ page unit covers four lessons, ideally to be completed once a week, and includes daily activities to complete throughout the week between lessons in order to get adequate practice to keep progressing. We’ve included a variety of pages of blank panels that can be printed multiple times so that the student could use them to create entire books’ worth of content after the study concludes. The recommended booklist at the end of the unit can guide you on the next best steps on your journey into comic arts. 


This is a digital product. Upon purchase, a PDF file will be sent to your email that you will be able to print from home.

  • Reviews

    Thistles and Biscuits has always been one of my favorite content creators - the lessons are well done and beautiful and I’ve yet to find a flaw in their work. So what do they go and do?? Create a Comic Arts Unit that your kids can do on their own! It’s 90+ pages meant to be completed over 4 weeks but has lots of extras worked in to extend the art lessons.

    - Christal


    Students will learn some basic principles of art, such as perspective and light sources, but most of all they will have fun creating characters and scenarios, just like they do in their wild stories and retelling of dreams. The pace is appropriate, and if your child is enjoying the activities, everything can be extended- draw another one! And another! 


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