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Comic Arts Collection

Comic Arts Collection


Purchase both volumes of Comic Arts together for a reduced price! This listing includes both volumes of our popular Comic Arts units — over 200 pages of comic arts instruction, activities, and blank panels! These engaging self-studies are sure to keep your artist creating and growing! 


In Comic Arts Volume One, Tim teaches students basic principles of getting started in comics, and in Volume Two, he works towards providing students with tools to develop a unique look and feel to their own comics. For detailed descriptions of each, please see their individual listings. 


This is a digital product. Upon purchase, you will receive a download link that will give you access to both Comic Arts Volume One and Volume Two.

  • Reviews


    This two-part curriculum will guide you and your young artists through an entertaining journey of creating comics. Even a complete beginner with no confidence in their artistic abilities will be able to produce respectable work by following the instructions....As someone who is passionate about art and who drew countless comics in my youth, I highly recommend this unit so that you and your children can share the joy that I have in creative expression through comics. Grab a pencil and have at it!
    - Doug

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