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Brazil Country Unit

Brazil Country Unit


And now a trip down the Amazon river into the country of Brazil!

What animals do you think you might find in the Amazon rainforest? Just how big is Brazil's most recognizable statue? You'll find out about the world's biggest bank robbery and sip a delicious fruit drink. Learn to count to ten in Portuguese and write the countries of South America. Discover the significance of the blue circle in the middle of Brazil's flag, and learn the anatomy of the toco tucan!


This unit includes the following: user Guide, book list for Brazil and the greater South America, informational flashcards and coloring pages, flag recognition, South America map work, rainforest flyer information, proverb copywork, wall print, Toco toucan anatomy worksheets, Brazilian smoothie recipe, learn Portugeuse numbers too! 

  • Reviews

    Brazil! We were so excited to use this unit for our monthly word studies unit! I cannot believe how much cute stuff is packed into this affordable download unit. We will be coming back for more!

    ~Erin P. 


    That mamey smoothie! Yum! Now my kids really wish we could *actually* go to Brazil!

    ~ Sara


    I quickly printed this mini unit on Brazil on a whim to add to the KiwiCo Atlas Crate that arrived this month. The theme is Brazil. This mini unit it perfect. Short copy work, Flashcards for counting 1 to 10 in Portuguese, a smoothie recipe, animals to color and decorate, a brief history of the flag, information on the rainforest as well as a recommended book list that I will be using too. Beautifully done.



    Beautiful and packed with good information ! Love it !!!



    I love that I can print a couple of times each. I have three kids and this allows them each to do the same one. Thank you for thinking of us that have kids.


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