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Argentina Country Unit

Argentina Country Unit


Let's visit Argentina! 

Get ready to explore wide open spaces! Find out about the lives of the guachos who made their living out in Argentina's grassy plains. Watch a demonstration to learn about the national dance -- the world-famous tango! Do you know the story of why an Argentine mother gave birth to the world's first known person born in Antarctica? Have you heard that the world's largest dinosaur species were discovered in Argentina? 

Let's escape the city and go explore the vast natural wilderness of Patagonia! What kind of animals do you think you'd find there? When you're done exploring, sit down for a cup of yerba mate with some friends and learn why Argentina's national sport is named "duck." Try your hand at a unique art form that developed in Buenos Aires, and see if you'd like to become a fileteadore!  Bring the flavors of Argentina home as you learn how to make a familiar dish! Don't forget to expand your discovery through our Argentina booklist and audio playlist!

All watercolor paintings and illustrations are hand painted and copyrighted by Thistles and Biscuits. 

This is a digital download - no physical items will be sent. 

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