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Afghanistan Country Unit

Afghanistan Country Unit


Let's travel to Afghanistan! 

Learn to locate major cities and be able to describe the meaning of the Afghan flag. Read the words of beloved poet Rumi and set up your own poetry night. Use the recipies to get the chance to smell and taste Afghanistan from your own kitchen. Learn to paint the beautiful Hindu Kush mountains, and find out what ghost-like animal lives among them. You'll discover the wildest national sport in the world and find out about how the red pomegranate represents hope for many people. And is it Afghan or Afghani? Find out all of this and more as you explore the following items:
User Guide, Book list for the Afghanistan, eight Large Flashcards, coloring pages, flag recognition, Afghanistan map work, proverb copy work, art Print, multiple recipes, national emblem information, art Project, Poet Guide and Poetry Night inspiration.

What's more, your learning experience directly funds help for people in Afghanistan. 100% of the profits from this unit go straight to Hagar International to help trafficked survivors in the country. Follow us on Instagram at @thistlesandbiscuits to learn more! 

Poetry, Pomegranate farms, and Persian Rugs - Beautiful Afghanistan
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  • Reviews

    This saved me a LOT of time and energy because I didn't have to do all the research and build my own packet for our Geography studies. I loved the information in this packet as well as the ease with which I could put together a lesson. My son loved the beautiful colors and the fun activities that were packed into the packet.

    ~ Lynette T. 


    This study on Afghanistan was beautifully created and very informative. I highly recommend this product. Can be used with a variety of ages and meets many different learning styles.

    ~ Dontie K. 


    What an enchanting country! Tim and Betsy have done a beautiful job making this country so accessible to us!

    ~ Sara


    Beautiful and informative, I adore all that Thistles and Biscuits creates.


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